Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Infographic on Programming Languages

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Infographic description

The infographic features ten of the most commonly used programming languages and gives you information about each one. There are ten sections, and within each section, you will find information about a certain programming language, and a fact or two about the language.

The infographic has a fair amount of esoteric terms and information, but the infographic is so concise that a lack of technical or industry knowledge will not hinder your comprehension of the information too much.

This infographic from My Math Done is handy for people that are looking to get into the programming world. It may help you figure out which language you should learn, especially since there are cues as to what each programming language is used for. It may also help you avoid learning a language that few people are going to employ you to write.

How easy is the infographic to read?

The infographic is spaced out very well with very few distractions on the page, and it leads the eye very well due to the line in each section. The line guides you through one piece of information to the next piece, so that your attention is not diverted away to something that isn’t directly relevant to the programming language. The infographic is handy for people that want to get into the programming business, and for programmers, because the information has a lot of general knowledge and new facts that current programmers may not know.

What is the programming language used for?

There is a section within the infographic that gives you a vague idea of what the programming language is used for. For example, it may say that the language is used for images and games. The infographic is correct, but it only gives a shallow example of what the programming code is used for. For example, the “C” language can be used by any Windows computer in the world, but most programmers use “C++.” It provides good basic info that can be easily expanded on with extra research.

Find out the average salary

There are ten programming languages mentioned on the infographic. Within each description, you will find an “Average Salary” section. It tells you how much an average programmer will make if they have the experience, skills or qualifications in that particular programming language.

Find out the IT companies that are hiring

Although not very compressive, but it gives you a vague idea of the types of companies that are hiring for each programming language that is mentioned. It gives you a clue of the type of companies that will hire you. Again it prompts you to do some of your own research.

Find out the number of job openings

On the infographic, you will find ten sections that give details about ten programming languages. The number of job openings is restricted to North America and as it is based on historical data you need to use the job openings section as a guide only. It is a rough indicator of how popular the programming language is during current market conditions. It gives a rough idea of how much competition there is on the market for language-qualified programmers.

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Fibonacci Java program

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The Fibonacci sequence is a set of numbers that starts with a one or a zero, followed by a one, and proceeds based on the rule that each number(called a Fibonacci number) is equal to the sum of the preceding two numbers.

Fibonacci sequence, Fibonacci java program,techmacron

class fibonacci {
public static void main(String args[])throws IOException{
int fib,a=0,b=1;
BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
System.out.print("Enter the limit :");
int lim=Integer.parseInt(br.readLine());
System.out.print("Fibonacci Numbers : "+a+" "+b+" ");
for(int i=0;i<lim-2;i++)
System.out.print(fib+" ");
} }


Fibonacci, java program, output, techmacron


Sunday, 30 August 2015

Create bootable USB pendrive from windows disk [8, 7 ,Xp]

Creating a bootable USB pendrive is not a hard task, it mainly consist of two task

Step 1 -  Creating the windows disk files into ISO image file.

Step 2 -  Create bootable USB using the ISO image file.

Creating the ISO image File

To Create a ISO file from windows disk you need a software 'BurnAware Free'.
Download BurnAware - Click to Download and install it.

After installing BurnAware Open it.

  • Click on 'Copy to image'.
  • Then click on 'Browse' option then choose the destination to store and also name the file.
  • Select the drive on the list box and click on 'copy'.
  • After copying all the files the ISO file is created, Now first step is finished.

Create Bootable USB from ISO file

To create a Bootable pendrive you need to download 'Rufus' software.
Download Rufus - Click to download and install it.

After installing Rufus Open it.

  • Attach a pendrive with no data, it will format all the data in the pendrive.
  • In 'Device' select your pendrive.
  • Select the 'File System' as FAT 32.
  • You can create Usb name in 'New volume label'.
  • Select "Create a bootable disk using" and select ISO image and click on the small icon next to it and show the ISO image created.
  • Then click on start, Now your pen drive is bootable USB.


Monday, 24 August 2015

How to use your USB Pendrive as Ram

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It is a easy task to use your pendrive as a ram, this really helps your computer performance.

Ram is a temporary volatile memory where the data is copied from hard disk and using by processor. The allocation of pen drive as ram make your computer performance much better.How to allocate the ram memory through a pen drive is pretty easy task.


1) Format your pendrive

2) Right click on your pendrive and select ' Properties '.

3) Then click option ' ReadyBoost '.

4) Select the ' use this device ' option and select the ' Space to reserve for system speed ' to maximum, click ok.

Now your USB Pendrive as Ram, through this you get a smooth experience in your computer than before.This works only for Vista, Windows 7 and 8.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

152 Useful Command Prompt codes

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What is a command prompt?

A command prompt is a non-graphical interface that allows you to interact with your operating system. At the command prompt, you enter commands by typing their names followed by options and arguments. Most modern computers use a graphical user interface (GUI), which allows users to more intuitively access programs and documents. However, some programs and commands are still only available only through a command prompt. To access the command prompt, follow the instructions appropriate to your operating system.

152 Useful Command Prompt codes,command prompt tricks, command prompt codes

152 Useful Commands

Accessibility Controls                                                                    access.cpl

Accessibility Wizard                                                                      accwiz

Add Hardware Wizard                                                                   hdwwiz.cpl

Add/Remove Programs                                                                 appwiz.cpl

Administrative Tools                                                                     control admintools

Adobe Acrobat (if installed)                                                           acrobat

Adobe Designer (if installed)                                                          formdesigner

Adobe Distiller (if installed)                                                            acrodist

Adobe ImageReady (if installed)                                                     imageready

Adobe Photoshop (if installed)                                                        photoshop

Automatic Updates                                                                          wuaucpl.cpl

Bluetooth Transfer Wizard                                                              fsquirt

Calculator                                                                                          calc

Certificate Manager                                                                         certmgr.msc

Character Map                                                                                 charmap

Check Disk Utility                                                                             chkdsk

Clipboard Viewer                                                                               clipbrd

Command Prompt                                                                               cmd

Component Services                                                                        dcomcnfg

Computer Management                                                                   compmgmt.msc

Control Panel                                                                                    control

Date and Time Properties                                                                 timedate.cpl

DDE Shares                                                                                     ddeshare

Device Manager                                                                               devmgmt.msc

Direct X Control Panel (if installed)*                                                directx.cpl

Direct X Troubleshooter                                                                  dxdiag

Disk Cleanup Utility                                                                         cleanmgr

Disk Defragment                                                                              dfrg.msc

Disk Management                                                                            diskmgmt.msc

Disk Partition Manager                                                                     diskpart

Display Properties                                                                             control desktop

Display Properties                                                                             desk.cpl

Display Properties (w/Appearance Tab Preselected)                      control color

Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility                                    drwtsn32

Driver Verifier Utility                                                                        verifier

Event Viewer                                                                                    eventvwr.msc

Files and Settings Transfer Tool                                                         migwiz

File Signature Verification Tool                                                          sigverif

Findfast                                                                                              findfast.cpl

Firefox (if installed)                                                                            firefox

Folders Properties                                                                             folders

Fonts                                                                                                 control fonts

Fonts Folder                                                                                       fonts

Free Cell Card Game                                                                        freecell

Game Controllers                                                                              joy.cpl

Group Policy Editor (XP Prof)                                                          gpedit.msc

Hearts Card Game                                                                            mshearts

Help and Support                                                                              helpctr

HyperTerminal                                                                                   hypertrm

Iexpress Wizard                                                                                 iexpress

Indexing Service                                                                               ciadv.msc

Internet Connection Wizard                                                              icwconn1

Internet Explorer                                                                               iexplore

Internet Properties                                                                            inetcpl.cpl

Internet Setup Wizard                                                                       inetwiz

IP Configuration (Display Connection Configuration)                         ipconfig /all

IP Configuration (Display DNS Cache Contents)                              ipconfig /displaydns

IP Configuration (Delete DNS Cache Contents)                               ipconfig /flushdns

IP Configuration (Release All Connections)                                      ipconfig /release

IP Configuration (Renew All Connections)                                       ipconfig /renew

IP Configuration (Refreshes DHCP & Re-Registers DNS)               ipconfig /registerdns

IP Configuration (Display DHCP Class ID)                                      ipconfig /showclassid

IP Configuration (Modifies DHCP Class ID)                                    ipconfig /setclassid

Java Control Panel (if installed)                                                         jpicpl32.cpl

Java Control Panel (if installed)                                                         javaws

Keyboard Properties                                                                       control keyboard

Local Security Settings                                                                     secpol.msc

Local Users and Groups                                                                   lusrmgr.msc

Logs You Out Of Windows                                                              logoff

Malicious Software Removal Tool                                                     mrt

Microsoft Access (if installed)                                                            msaccess

Microsoft Chat                                                                                  winchat

Microsoft Excel (if installed)                                                               excel
Microsoft Frontpage (if installed)                                                       frontpg

Microsoft Movie Maker                                                                    moviemk 

Microsoft Paint                                                                                  mspaint

Microsoft Powerpoint (if installed)                                                     powerpnt

Microsoft Word (if installed)                                                             winword

Microsoft Syncronization Tool                                                           mobsync

Minesweeper Game                                                                            winmine

Mouse Properties                                                                               control mouse

Mouse Properties                                                                               main.cpl

Nero (if installed)                                                                                 nero

Netmeeting                                                                                           conf

Network Connections control                                                              netconnections

Network Connections                                                                         ncpa.cpl

Network Setup Wizard                                                                       netsetup.cpl

Notepad                                                                                             notepad

Nview Desktop Manager (if installed)                                                  nvtuicpl.cpl

Object Packager                                                                                  packager

ODBC Data Source Administrator                                                      odbccp32.cpl

On Screen Keyboard                                                                          osk

Opens AC3 Filter (if installed)                                                             ac3filter.cpl

Outlook Express                                                                                  msimn

Paint                                                                                                    pbrush

Password Properties                                                                           password.cpl

Performance Monitor                                                                           perfmon.msc

Performance Monitor                                                                           perfmon

Phone and Modem Options                                                                 telephon.cpl

Phone Dialer                                                                                        dialer

Pinball Game                                                                                        pinball

Power Configuration                                                                             powercfg.cpl

Printers and Faxes                                                                               control printers

Printers Folder                                                                                       printers

Private Character Editor                                                                        eudcedit

Quicktime (If Installed)                                                                         QuickTime.cpl

Quicktime Player (if installed)                                                               quicktimeplayer

Real Player (if installed)                                                                        realplay

Regional Settings                                                                                   intl.cpl

Registry Editor                                                                                       regedit

Registry Editor                                                                                       regedit32

Remote Access Phonebook                                                                  rasphone

Remote Desktop                                                                                    mstsc

Removable Storage                                                                               ntmsmgr.msc

Removable Storage Operator Requests                                                 ntmsoprq.msc

Resultant Set of Policy (XP Prof)                                                          rsop.msc

Scanners and Cameras                                                                         sticpl.cpl

Scheduled Tasks                                                                                 control schedtasks

Security Center                                                                                   wscui.cpl

Services                                                                                              services.msc

Shared Folders                                                                                        fsmgmt.msc

Shuts Down                                                                                              Windows shutdown

Sounds and Audio                                                                                  mmsys.cpl

Spider Solitare Card Game                                                                   spider

SQL Client Configuration                                                                     cliconfg

System Configuration Editor                                                               sysedit

System Configuration Utility                                                                msconfig

System File Checker Utility (Scan Immediately)                              sfc /scannow

System File Checker Utility (Scan Once At The Next Boot)         sfc /scanonce

System File Checker Utility (Scan On Every Boot)                         sfc /scanboot

System File Checker Utility (Return Scan Setting To Default)     sfc /revert

System File Checker Utility (Purge File Cache)                               sfc /purgecache

System File Checker Utility (Sets Cache Size to size x)                sfc /cachesize=x

System Information                                                                                  msinfo32

System Properties                                                                                   sysdm.cpl

Task Manager                                                                                            taskmgr

TCP Tester                                                                                                  tcptest

Telnet Client                                                                                                telnet

Tweak UI (if installed)                                                                               tweakui

User Account Management                                                                    nusrmgr.cpl

Utility Manager                                                                                           utilman

Windows Address Book                                                                         wab

Windows Address Book Import Utility                                                 wabmig

Windows Backup Utility (if installed)                                                    ntbackup

Windows Explorer                                                                                    explorer

Windows Firewall                                                                                      firewall.cpl

Windows Magnifier                                                                                    magnify

Windows Management Infrastructure                                                  wmimgmt.msc

Windows Media Player                                                                             wmplayer

Windows Messenger                                                                                 msmsgs

Windows Picture Import Wizard (need camera connected)                  wiaacmgr

Windows System Security Tool                                                              syskey

Windows Update Launches                                                                     wupdmgr

Windows Version (to show which version of windows)                          winver

Windows XP Tour Wizard                                                                         tourstart

Wordpad                                                                                                      write

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to Find Facebook Fake accounts ?

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Now in Facebook fake accounts are increasing day by day. So how we can find out orginal and fake facebook accounts. Probably Girls facebook accounts are fake.

There is an idea to find out fake and orginal accounts

Step 1

Tecjhmacron facebook fake account review

  • Go to the profile that u have doubt, then right click on the profile pic 
  • Copy image url
you can also Save as the image in your hard disk

Step 2

  • Go to and click on the camera like image in search 
  • There u will see a paste image url  copy this image url and search.
your downloaded image can upload into the Google search also in the same way

Step 3 

This image are fake these images are using in so many profiles :)

Facebook fake account review

Now u got same image in the Google search engine ... they are fake :) try this it works