Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to Find Facebook Fake accounts ?

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Now in Facebook fake accounts are increasing day by day. So how we can find out orginal and fake facebook accounts. Probably Girls facebook accounts are fake.

There is an idea to find out fake and orginal accounts

Step 1

Tecjhmacron facebook fake account review

  • Go to the profile that u have doubt, then right click on the profile pic 
  • Copy image url
you can also Save as the image in your hard disk

Step 2

  • Go to and click on the camera like image in search 
  • There u will see a paste image url  copy this image url and search.
your downloaded image can upload into the Google search also in the same way

Step 3 

This image are fake these images are using in so many profiles :)

Facebook fake account review

Now u got same image in the Google search engine ... they are fake :) try this it works 

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