Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Infographic on Programming Languages

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Infographic description

The infographic features ten of the most commonly used programming languages and gives you information about each one. There are ten sections, and within each section, you will find information about a certain programming language, and a fact or two about the language.

The infographic has a fair amount of esoteric terms and information, but the infographic is so concise that a lack of technical or industry knowledge will not hinder your comprehension of the information too much.

This infographic from My Math Done is handy for people that are looking to get into the programming world. It may help you figure out which language you should learn, especially since there are cues as to what each programming language is used for. It may also help you avoid learning a language that few people are going to employ you to write.

How easy is the infographic to read?

The infographic is spaced out very well with very few distractions on the page, and it leads the eye very well due to the line in each section. The line guides you through one piece of information to the next piece, so that your attention is not diverted away to something that isn’t directly relevant to the programming language. The infographic is handy for people that want to get into the programming business, and for programmers, because the information has a lot of general knowledge and new facts that current programmers may not know.

What is the programming language used for?

There is a section within the infographic that gives you a vague idea of what the programming language is used for. For example, it may say that the language is used for images and games. The infographic is correct, but it only gives a shallow example of what the programming code is used for. For example, the “C” language can be used by any Windows computer in the world, but most programmers use “C++.” It provides good basic info that can be easily expanded on with extra research.

Find out the average salary

There are ten programming languages mentioned on the infographic. Within each description, you will find an “Average Salary” section. It tells you how much an average programmer will make if they have the experience, skills or qualifications in that particular programming language.

Find out the IT companies that are hiring

Although not very compressive, but it gives you a vague idea of the types of companies that are hiring for each programming language that is mentioned. It gives you a clue of the type of companies that will hire you. Again it prompts you to do some of your own research.

Find out the number of job openings

On the infographic, you will find ten sections that give details about ten programming languages. The number of job openings is restricted to North America and as it is based on historical data you need to use the job openings section as a guide only. It is a rough indicator of how popular the programming language is during current market conditions. It gives a rough idea of how much competition there is on the market for language-qualified programmers.

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