Sunday, 30 August 2015

Create bootable USB pendrive from windows disk [8, 7 ,Xp]

Creating a bootable USB pendrive is not a hard task, it mainly consist of two task

Step 1 -  Creating the windows disk files into ISO image file.

Step 2 -  Create bootable USB using the ISO image file.

Creating the ISO image File

To Create a ISO file from windows disk you need a software 'BurnAware Free'.
Download BurnAware - Click to Download and install it.

After installing BurnAware Open it.

  • Click on 'Copy to image'.
  • Then click on 'Browse' option then choose the destination to store and also name the file.
  • Select the drive on the list box and click on 'copy'.
  • After copying all the files the ISO file is created, Now first step is finished.

Create Bootable USB from ISO file

To create a Bootable pendrive you need to download 'Rufus' software.
Download Rufus - Click to download and install it.

After installing Rufus Open it.

  • Attach a pendrive with no data, it will format all the data in the pendrive.
  • In 'Device' select your pendrive.
  • Select the 'File System' as FAT 32.
  • You can create Usb name in 'New volume label'.
  • Select "Create a bootable disk using" and select ISO image and click on the small icon next to it and show the ISO image created.
  • Then click on start, Now your pen drive is bootable USB.


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